As The Cool Car Guy, I have been consulting with people about vehicles for over a dozen years. My business model is designed to save my clients money and I know how to do it better than anyone.

I also help people get better financing, even if they have a buyer for their vehicle, for a nominal fee.  Like a real estate agent for cars, I place my sales license at JFR & Associates.

I have access to roughly 3,000 cars a week in Denver through the wholesale Dealer Auctions to get vehicles for my clients around the country.  This is in addition to the rental fleet, lease returns and several hundred thousand additional vehicles nationwide through sources not available to the public, but exclusively to dealers.

buy, sell, consign, trade and lease vehicles everyday and most people go through this process once every three to five years.  Most people have a vehicle financial crisis and are upside down on their vehicles.  Their car payments do not fit their budgets.  Ready to let me find your vehicle?

Discover why The Cool Car Guy experience is different.  I’ll show you how to get the right vehicle at the right price and stay within your monthly budget.

John Boyd
The Cool Car Guy