This is my personal vehicle that I cruise around New Mexico.  I like the X-Drive AWD system of BMW for the snowy days and nights when going over Raton Pass.  This is a great car for driving in New Mexico in both the Summer and Winter, plus it gets great gas mileage.

My cars are always for sale if I get the right offer, but I don’t have it listed for sale at a price at this time.

If you’re interested just message me here, send me an email or give me a call.  You might get a great deal on it since I’ve owned over 60 vehicles and I will replace it with a newer model or something else.  That’s the great thing about is that I can showcase a vehicle that I own and if someone is interested they can make me an offer.

I’ve found that you usually get more money for your vehicles if they are always for sale.  As opposed to waiting until you really want to sell it and then you might end up taking less than you really wanted for it.