What’s Coming To

After 19 years at the helm of my own car sales business, owning a dealership in Colorado, and a journey to New Mexico in 2021, I’ve decided it’s time for a new chapter for This March 2024, I took a sharp turn towards something really cool that fits my personality and my “boutique” approach to cars. I’m working on it now and I put up this website to let my former clients, friends and business associates know what is coming.

Here’s the deal: It was time for to evolve into something new. I ditched the traditional car dealership model and I’m creating a digital showroom where the spotlight shines on vehicles that truly stand out. I want to find vehicles that I think are cool and show them on my website with video and classified advertising. Think of it as the velvet rope of car websites—a place where only the coolest cars earn their spot. I’m looking to create top-notch video and image content that makes each car come alive on your screen.

This isn’t about appealing to everyone. It’s about curating a selection that reflects what Cool Car Guy stands for: quality, uniqueness, and that undeniable cool factor. If your car doesn’t cut it—if it’s not in prime condition, if it doesn’t have that wow factor—it’s not making the cut.

Listing your ride on will carry a premium, because this site is a premium space. It’s not for every car out there. For those that don’t fit the bill, I’ve set up—a broader platform for car enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles for $99 a year until sold. It’s about giving every car a place, but keeping the truly exceptional ones under the Cool Car Guy umbrella.

Remember, quality over quantity. “Nice cars aren’t cheap, and cheap cars aren’t nice.” That’s more than a saying; it’s a principle I try to live by. Granted there are some cool cars that need some tender loving care and they can cost a pretty penny still as well. is gearing up to be a new boutique platform, where each listing is a testament to excellence, exclusivity and continue connecting people with cool cars.

So, if you’re ready for something different, stay tuned. is working on shifting gears and driving once again into uncharted territory, with you in the passenger seat.

Get ready for the ride.