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What's The Story With CoolCarGuy.com

As The Cool Car Guy, I was selling and brokering over $50 million worth of vehicles for two decades. I personally brokered cars and owned a dealership in Lone Tree, CO, all without the overhead of a traditional car dealership. After nearly two decades in the car industry, I decided to take CoolCarGuy.com in a new direction. My vision was to create a curated repository of cool cars for sale or to showcase using classified ads, complemented by a unique YouTube channel that is fun and entertaining.

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Delete your listing or mark it as sold. It will no longer be live on CoolCarGuy.com. You handle your own transactions from start to finish with the buyer. You must provide proof of ownership for your vehicle.

The Velvet Rope Advertising Package

Experience the uniqueness of The Cool Car Guy’s velvet rope classified ad service.  We use part of your listing fee to drive traffic directly to your ad listing, so that you are sure to get viewers to see your vehicle.

Once your vehicle is approved, it will stay on the website until it sells or for up to 12 months, benefiting from the traffic generated by The Cool Car Guy’s YouTube Channel, our active social media presence, along with other online and offline sources driving traffic to CoolCarGuy.com.

Join a select group of cool car enthusiasts and give your vehicle the attention it deserves with a Cool Car Guy advertising package.

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