The Cool Car Guy's Rodeo Drive Car Show

I ran a marathon in Ventura, CA in July and Becky and I took a trip down to Rodeo Drive to do some shopping, people and cool car watching.  I decided to throw together a video of some of the vehicles that I saw. 

I even included a photo of a really cool yellow Rolls Royce that I saw when we were back there running a marathon in Santa Clarita.  I called it The Cool Car Guy’s Rodeo Drive Car Show.  If you like cool cars make sure you put this destination on your list.

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A Ken Block Tribute

I wanted to include this Ken Block Tribute video on  Ken was born the same year that I was in 1967 and he passed away in a snowmobile accident in Utah in 2023. 

He was an amazing Rally car driver and I would watch his races and he was a really cool guy.  A truly gifted and amazing athlete with a super cool car.  His Gymkhana Hoonigan videos that he would make were amazing as he drove around his one-of-a-kind all-wheel drive custom 1965 Ford Mustang “Hoonicorn with a set of massive Garrett twin turbos.  

I found this tribute video on YouTube and thought it was fitting to share with visitors to  Ken was a true “cool car guy” and a legend in the racing world.  RIP Ken Block.

24 Hours of Le Mans Explained

This is a great video that explains the history of the 24 hours of Le Mans race.  Many people may ask, why would they make a big deal out of a race that goes for 24 hours and what’s the story behind it.

Cars and racing go hand in hand.  Technological advancements have come out of the racing industry for years to make cars for consumers better.

I thought this was a worthwhile video for putting up at as we await some new Cool Car Guy content for The Cool Car Guy Channel.

Rally Car Racing Explained By Subaru

When I was selling cars as The Cool Car Guy I can’t tell you how many Subaru’s I sold to people in Colorado.  I owned a nice black Subaru WRX Limited myself that I bought new back in 2007 and drove the snot out of it.  

I put about 85K miles on that vehicle going back and forth to Ski Loveland to go snowboarding before selling it to a client.  The road noise was terrible, but it was so much fun to drive.  The STI is the 300hp version and Subaru does a great job in this video explaining Rally Car Racing.  If you’re not a fan – you should be.  It’s a really cool race series.

A Short Deep Dive Into Classic Cars

Haggerty is where most people get their insurance to insure vintage, classic and exotic cars.  I thought this video was worthy of putting on as it does a great job of taking us into the eclectic world of car shows and the fascination surrounding cool cars.

Jay Leno On How To Shop For A Classic Car

If you’re not aware, Jay Leno is a Car Freak, along with a number of other famous celebrities.  Jay has an insane collection in a 140,000 sq ft garage.  I found this video from a few years ago where Bloomberg interviewed him on how to shop for a classic car.  It’s a gem.

Since I have a classified ad site here at where people can list their cool cars for sale.  Why not get some buying tips from Jay Leno who has a $50 million car collection?  He owns a $12 million McClaren F1, so he’s definitely “The Dude”.

"The Dude"s 1973 Ford Gran Torino

One of the most iconic movie cars is in the film The Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman.  I found this video a few months back and thought it was pretty fascinating.  Especially, on how Hollywood can pick a vehicle based on the needs of the actor, in this case John Goodman.  

The 1975 to 1979 television show Starsky and Hutch made this ride famous with the red and white stripe in their 1975 Gran Torino.  The producers wanted a red and white 1975 Camaro for the show, but Ford was the supplier for the studio at the time.

According to Hagerty’s website they put a valuation on the “Dude”‘s style vehicle as low as $8,000, but of course it depends on the model, engine size, condition, etc.  

That would be an amazing deal for this vehicle, if you could find one in that price range. I’ve seen two door coupes in great condition advertised for $20,000 to $25,000.

The Perfect Car Doesn't Exist

I just really liked this video and how well it was done on this Porsche Carrera 2 and thought I would include it.  Apparently, a couple million other people liked this video too.  I love driving Porsche’s and I just thought this video was cool. Enjoy!

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