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If you want to buy or trade with a seller on you can join for free and reach out to the Seller. is a listing website, but we have a velvet rope policy to list a vehicle on our site.  

The Cool Car Guy looks at all of the photos and details of each vehicle submitted.  We’re not listing thousands of vehicles at a time and we just want to make sure that the vehicles fit the audience. 

The Seller pays the listing fee and there are no additional sale or listing fees.  The listing is good until it sells or for an entire year.  It would be extremely rare for a vehicle not to sell within a year, which usually just means that it’s overpriced or it’s really specialized. does not get involved in handling the transaction between the Buyer and the Seller, pricing, etc.  The sale of the vehicle is completely based on offer and acceptance between the two parties. is designed as a “velvet rope” classified ad “showcase” for vintage, classic, luxury, exotic and cool cars. If your car is approved for sale it will get listed.  If it’s not approved, you can try again down the road and you will be refunded your money.  You won’t be charged anything if your vehicle is not approved.  There are cool cars in every make, model and price range, which is why the packages are based on the listing price of the vehicle.

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Click the Become A Seller button below and it will walk you through signing up as a Seller. It’s that simple. is unique because it allows you to leverage the unique brand of, other cool cars that are being advertised, as well as your own.  You can’t buy, but you can lease a space on it to advertise your vehicle and that’s essentially what you’re doing when you place a classified ad here.  The advertising package pricing you select is based on the sales price of your vehicle for sale.

After two decades of selling vehicles around the country as The Cool Car Guy via as a car dealership in Lone Tree, Colorado, John decided to redesigned his website as a unique premium classified ad site for cool cars.  In addition, you will find entertaining car videos on the site that are hosted on The Cool Car Guy’s YouTube Channel or that are cool and featured here


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Build your profile with your ad for your cool car, along with a description of yourself or your company. Upload your photo or company logo and direct others directly to your business using your vehicle as a marketing tool.


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Frequently Asked Questions offers an advertising package for a flat annual fee to showcase your vehicle.  It’s an advertising package that isn’t like an auction for 7 days or 30 days like auction sites, it’s a premium classified ad website.  If your vehicle sells in a day, a week, a month or it takes a year or it never sells the cost is the same.  It is a non-refundable advertising fee to showcase your vehicle on the website.

Once you join you can login and check your account as a Seller or a Buyer. 

We use PayPal that costs us a little more, but we know it’s secure. It’s owned by Ebay and you can use your credit card to join and we pay the fees on our end.  If you don’t have a PayPal account or you don’t want want, simply choose the Pay By Credit Card option and turn off getting a PayPal account when you pay.

That’s why we use PayPal. We don’t want to manage your credit card information or store your information.  We don’t handle the transaction for you when you sell your vehicle, it’s between you and the buyer. We would rather pay a company the size of Ebay that owns PayPal to manage the credit card and payment processing for us to list your vehicle.