was designed to be a premium “boutique” classified ad website that showcases cool cars for sale by people who want to buy, sell or trade cool cars. It is not an auction site like other websites that are charging a fee to handle the transaction for you.

It’s very simple and easy to use a classified ad website that isn’t designed to list hundreds or thousands or millions of vehicles for sale. You can join and select the advertising package related to your vehicles sales price ranging from $249.00 to $1,499, you can then upload your vehicle for trade or for sale. Your vehicle has to be approved to be listed on the website, unlike other classified ad sites that do not require an approval. One approved and your listing is live, when someone is interested or ready to get your vehicle, you work out the details with the buyer who will contact you directly.

There are not additional listing fees on the sale of your vehicle. doesn’t take a percentage of the sale, but simply charges an annual subscription tied to the price of the vehicle and allowing our sellers to leverage the Cool Car Guy brand.

The Cool Car Guy Can Work For You

The Cool Car Guy is promoting his website using a YouTube channel where he is discussing cool cars, sharing stories, interviewing people about their vehicles and other things car related. John sold vehicles for 19 years in Colorado as an independent auto consultant, personally owned a dealership for 7 years and has plenty of knowledge and expertise in the automotive industry that you can leverage.

He also owns the website that is designed as a way for people to get in the car business for only $99 a year where they can list their vehicle(s) for sale using a subscription model and the Freak Sites YouTube channel. People who join Cars Freak for just $99 a year can also become an affiliate and get paid for promoting the website and build themselves an online repeat business promoting all things automotive. Which means that if you are listing your vehicle on you get access to multiple websites that are being promoted by The Cool Car Guy.

Trade Your Vehicle On

People often think of trading vehicles only with dealerships, but when it comes to classic, custom and cool cars many times people are wanting to sell their vehicle to get a similar vehicle to what they currently own. You might want to trade a collectible car or multiple collectible cars for one more expensive car that you really want and you might see it listed at When it comes to selling vehicles, everything is based on “offer and acceptance”, so why not make an offer for a vehicle and see what the person is willing to take.

You can post your vehicle and let people know what you’re looking for and use this site to get the vehicle you want at the price you want or trade with another owner. Maybe you want to trade one car for another car? You might see a collectible car for $15,000 and you have a collectible car that is also worth $15,000. Reach out to the seller and make an offer to trade. You never know what they are willing to do, so why not see what works.

Welcome to, where we feature information about cool cars in the form of YouTube episodes and cool cars advertised for sale by cool people.