Affordable Advertising for Car Enthusiasts

The landscape of online advertising has become increasingly challenging for small businesses. Once, small businesses could rely on affordable pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through search engines like Yahoo, Google, and others to drive traffic to their websites. However, the cost of PPC advertising has skyrocketed, making it less accessible for many. The fierce competition for keywords has turned Google into a dominant player in the world of search, leaving small businesses searching for more affordable alternatives.

As a result, many businesses have turned to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to gain additional exposure. It’s now common to pay social influencers significant sums to endorse a brand. However, the online competition continues to grow, and standing out amidst the noise of social media has become increasingly difficult.

At, we offer a cost-effective alternative for classified advertising, whether you’re selling your vehicle or promoting your business. Savvy marketers will quickly realize the potential of using not only to sell their cars but also to build a profile, link back to their website, and gain brand exposure. Our packages start as low as $249 per year, with additional options at $499, $999, and $1,499 depending on the price of your vehicle.

In a world where ad blockers are prevalent and users are weary of constant advertisements, why not use your cool car as a unique promotional tool? Listing your vehicle on allows potential buyers to make offers, while also giving you a platform to promote your business. You may find that someone interested in your car is also willing to pay a premium and learn more about your business.

Build Your Profile

Once you purchase an advertising package for your vehicle, you can create a detailed profile and link back to your personal or business website. Additionally, you will be listed in our Seller Directory for free. This unique opportunity allows you to sell a cool car while directing potential buyers to your business, offering an affordable and effective way to advertise online.

Unlike most classified ad websites, is designed to help you promote your business alongside selling your vehicle. Our platform is more than just a traditional classified ad site; it’s a branded, “boutique” car listing site that combines car content with classified ads. Businesses and individuals can use to showcase their vehicles and promote their brands simultaneously. This unique approach makes the only site of its kind.

Let your car work for you by getting it approved for listing on For even greater exposure, you can also list your vehicle on our sister site,, for only $99 per year.

Discover the most affordable and effective way to advertise your business online with, where your cool car becomes a powerful marketing tool.